Aspire Melbourne - amenities private dining room

A sky-high "whiskey parlour and champagne conservatory", ballroom and "wellness precinct" are among the lavish perks future residents of this aspirational Melbourne tower will enjoy.

At 211m tall, the Aspire Melbourne development was always going to make an impression.

And with six-storeys of shared amenities, from a sky-high whiskey parlour and champagne conservatory to a ballroom and wellness precinct, the $440 million tower headed to 299 King St, Melbourne, takes the vertical village to another level — and has already won over more than 300 buyers.

ICD Property development director Alice Smith said the 594-apartment "super tower" designed by Elenberg Fraser also appealed to buyers because the 65-storey building was one of the last approved before city planners changed tall tower rules.

Aspire Melbourne - amenities private dining room Aspire Melbourne - Concierge Hallway
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They want the prestige of buying in a building like this, so a super tower means a lot,
said Ms Smith

The tower’s vast array of amenities is aimed at giving its future residents a vertical village as an oasis in the CBD.

"The city is getting busier and busier, and having somewhere that’s a smaller village within the city is important," Ms Smith said.

Dining rooms, the sauna and the gym are all expected to be in demand.

Aspire Melbourne - amenities ball room Aspire Melbourne - amenities lounge room
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And the ballroom, we haven’t seen them before, and we really wanted to give people the opportunity to have a function space,
said Ms Smith

Most sales to date were presales of its lowest levels, with virtually all of the 140 currently available above level 28 and designed around views of the CBD lights, Flagstaff Gardens and the bay.

One-bedroom apartments with floorplans from 49sq m to 59sq m cost $637,000-$713,000. Two bedroom units span 74sq m-79sq m and are priced from $985,000-$1,023,500. Three-bedroom offerings can be up to 100sq m and cost $1.495-$1.595 million.

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